Applying for a loan without Credit Bureau – request credit protection

  If a loan is granted without Credit Bureau, there is neither a request for credit protection nor a notification of the loan payment to the latter. Credit Bureau-free loans are an exception in Germany, while Swiss banks grant them as standard products. Preliminary costs are legally impermissible costs for processing a loan application, which […]

Credit with BWA

  If the self-employed need a new line of credit for themselves or their company or even the extension of an existing credit line, you have to prove to the lender that their creditworthiness is sufficient to repay the desired loan. If a self-employed person or a company applies for a loan, a bank or […]

Credit without a permanent employment contract

More and more workers are given a fixed-term contract for the first two years after changing jobs. Furthermore, time limits are permitted if the employment relationship is linked to a specific project, the end of which is foreseeable at the end of the employment relationship. For athletes, artists and scientists, special regulations allow the conclusion […]