Tips for getting a quick payday loan

The payday loan is a loan without proof that can finance all kinds of needs, especially the most urgent. But how do you get a payday loan as quickly as possible and where do you go?

All credit institutions offer payday loans to their cards. But instead of visiting all the existing agencies, use the online tools instead . Traditional banks and online banks make websites available to the public to present their offers. However, the paperless service of a traditional bank is limited to information. Only online banks actually offer online credit. The whole process is done entirely from a distance. From the choice of offer to the signing of the loan contract, you can do everything from home. You save precious time.


Choose an organization that plans to send files online

Choose an organization that plans to send files online

Most online banks give the possibility of concluding the contract online, thanks to the electronic signature. However, not all of them offer the possibility of completing the file online. Certain establishments reserve this faculty to privileged customers. Others continue to send files by post. However, sending by post will lengthen the processing time. Take care to choose an organization that offers online file reception if you want to get a quick payday loan.


Make a preliminary simulation

Make a preliminary simulation

The payday loan requires a number of conditions that restrict its access. In particular, it requires a financial position that can guarantee repayment of the loan. The level of income and its stability are among the main criteria. To try to get your payday loan, you can multiply the requests and expect at least a favorable response. Or you can use a credit simulator beforehand. It is an online tool to assess your chances of obtaining the payday loan that interests you . Respond only to requests that have an acceptability rate of more than 50%. On the other hand, only the simulation will reveal to you in detail the nature and scope of your obligations.


Don’t forget to compare rates

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You are always strongly advised to use a credit comparison tool in order to find the most affordable offer. A rate differential of a few points can already save you hundreds of $. Find a fast but also the cheapest payday loan offer. The comparator refers to the APR or the annual effective annual rate to put all the offers. The APR includes the basic interest rate but also all the costs generated by the credit agreement.

The law imposes a minimum waiting period for depositing money into the borrower’s account. This applies to all consumer loans, including a payday loan. This period is 7 days from the signing of the contract. Between sending the request and the payment, allow between 10 and 12 days.

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